About Us

The Illinois State Ambulance Association is a trade association of consisting of Illinois ambulance industry professionals with the goal of development and maintenance of high quality ambulance and medical transportation services in Illinois through education and advocacy.

The following are our purposes:

  • To promote the development of the highest level of medical transportation achievable at a reasonable cost to the public;
  • To encourage cooperation among persons, organizations, entities, or authorities engaged in the provision of medical transportation or in related activities;
  • To encourage improvement in standards for personnel and equipment required in the provision of medical transportation;
  • To encourage the highest standards of ethics and conduct among the providers of medical transportation;
  • To offer advice and counsel to providers of medical transportation services regarding federal and state statutes and regulations and other matters related to the provision of medical transportation;
  • To provide information regarding medical transportation to physicians, educators, legislators, regulators, and the general public;
  • To encourage education of the public with regard to proper responses in medical transportation situations;
  • To do everything in its power to best serve the interest and welfare of Members of the Association, the public at large, and persons who have need of the services of the Members.